Nonprofit Tune-Up
Diagnostics and self-assessment tools to evaluate the viability of your organization and where to focus for improvement

Is your organization stuck in “Neutral”?  Maybe it’s time for a tune-up!  We will work with you to analyze your organizational leadership, program planning, marketing and public relations, special events, volunteer management, and vision for the future.  We will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, rev up your engines, and shift into “High Gear.” (For executive directors, board members, and senior staff.)

Building a Better Board
Training for Executive Directors and Board Members

All nonprofits need a strong, dedicated, and united leadership team to achieve success.  A shared vision between the senior staff and board of directors is just the beginning.  Are your board members engaged, informed, and committed?  Before you hold your next board retreat or recruit new directors, let us help you assess your organization’s leadership needs and analyze the ideal composition and diversity that will help you to realize your vision and goals.

 Grantsmanship 101
Developing Strategies for Successful Proposals

In this highly competitive world, it takes more than good writing to achieve fundraising success.  Our one-day workshop will introduce you to the current funding landscape and the trends that define philanthropy in America today.  You will learn best practices in donor communications and create a fundraising “Tool Kit,” including how to refine your message, develop strategies for approaching funders, and craft a comprehensive plan for successful grant writing. (For beginning proposal writers.)

 The Write Stuff
An Intensive Workshop on Proposal Preparation

This two-day workshop focuses on enhancing strategies for approaching prospective donors, refining your writing techniques, and an evaluation of your current proposal packet.  Participants will leave the workshop with a powerful cover letter, an executive summary, an improved proposal draft, and best practices in grantsmanship. (For experienced grant writers.)

Special Events 
Dollars or Sense?

Do you depend on special events for a major part of your funding? Have you been putting on the same event for years and years and are finding that it isn’t as profitable as before?  Is it time to evaluate your event? Maybe you want to try new options, but your board doesn’t want to risk making a change.  Learn how to conduct successful and profitable events from a Certified Meeting Planner, including how they should be organized and when it is time to turn over a new leaf. (For Executive Directors and Development Staff)

 The American Idyll:
How to Compete for Funding and Win!

While working together at a nonprofit organization, our team was awarded every grant we requested in a four month time frame, totaling over $1.7 million in funding. How did this happen? We knew our audience, we knew our funders and we knew our organization. Learn how you can go into the grant writing process with an edge. (For Executive Directors and Development Staff)

Blueprint for Success:
Developing Your Marketing, Public Relations, and Fundraising Plan

Is your public image a true picture of your organization? Do your marketing, public relations, and fundraising materials accurately portray your mission and vision? As they say in advertising,”Perception IS reality.”  We will help you assess your current outreach program, and develop a comprehensive portfolio of marketing, public relations, and fundraising materials. Results?  Your Blueprint for Success: a coordinated, cohesive plan that will showcase the public face of your organization to your community, your donors and the world.