“Fill the Gap” Development Director Services
Fundraising Consultation and Support

Do you need the services of a development professional?  For nonprofits that are in between development directors or are not yet to the point of hiring full-time staff, we can provide interim development services and help you create a personalized plan and pricing to determine which services you need to achieve your goals.

Marketing, Public Relations and Solicitation Portfolio
Enhance Your Communications Strategy with Impactful Marketing Materials

How do you get the word out about your organization’s unique mission, vision, and services to the community?  Do you have an exciting and impressive marketing packet that presents your history, programs, goals, accomplishments, and opportunities for underwriting?  We will help you develop a powerful portfolio of marketing, PR, and fundraising materials that will position you for greater success.

Grant Writing Services
Preparation of Funding Application Materials

Do you need to prepare applications for funding, but have no grant writer to help?  Complete our organizational survey and we will write a grant proposal for you to submit. We will work with you on a personalized plan and pricing to determine what level of assistance you need: 1) A to Z (from researching possible funders to a final written proposal); 2) identifying and researching potential funders; 3) developing a written proposal.

Event Management
Hire a Certified Professional to Plan and Coordinate Special Events

Karen Knox holds a CMP (Certification of Meeting Professional) designation and has managed numerous events from small to large throughout the State of Texas. She will help you to develop a personalized plan and pricing to determine what level of assistance you need: 1) A to Z (all aspects of an event from planning to implementation); 2) Consultant (guiding your committee through the all steps of the event); or 3) anywhere in between.

 Building Capacity
Maximize the Impact and Strength of Your Organization

In today’s turbulent economy, communities need the support and services of nonprofits more than ever before. Capacity building includes actions that improve and enhance an organization’s ability to achieve its mission, attain its goals, and ensure sustainability.  Our analysis will help you to identify ways to strengthen your nonprofit’s ability to fulfill your mission and enhance your capacity for positive impact on your community.

Communications Audit
How To Enhance Your Public Relations and Expand Community Outreach

How can you enhance your ability to present your organization to the community you serve?  We will help you to analyze your nonprofit’s public image and ensure that you are maximizing your communications and outreach to your target audiences.  We will help to you ensure that you are telling your organization’s story with the most impact and positioning your nonprofit for greater success.

Creating Synergy
Building Collaborations and Community Partnerships

Collaborations can leverage limited resources and create synergy to meet community needs. How can you partner with other organizations in your community to share missions, staff, programs, and best practices?  Our analysis will help you to identify possible partners, strengthen your collaborations, and maximize the services your offer to your community.