Three Ingredients for Successful Year-End Fundraising

  • Don’t Make Me Think or Search — Have a clear call to donate in the form of a big bold button. This should be incredibly obvious in your navigation and in a callout box towards the top of your website. If you want to raise money, the donate button should not be buried or de-emphasized on your website.
  • Test Your Donation Landing Pages — Make sure it works! Give two of your friends $10 and ask them to donate money to your website. Ask them to share their donation experiences with you. How was the flow? What was confusing? Did they get frustrated at some point and not want to complete the donation? Tell them to be brutally honest.
  • Optimize Your Donation Pages — Provide compelling reasons to donate and tell donors how their hard earned money is being spent. BTW donating money to general operating expenses is not a compelling reason to donate. It should focus on programs that are helping you meet your mission.  Be sure and also provide clear donation information with options for different types of donations – one time, recurring, planned, etc.

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